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I have used game copier software so much I can't even explain what it is worth to me. This is because I am a huge video game fanatic. Here's why you as a video game player need it:People don't have money to spend over and over again on buying new game discs from the store when the original breaks. I don't have the money to continually spend 60 dollars over and over again. If you have ever owned or played game consoles that use discs, I am sure you have seen discs that are scratched up so much that they are not usable again. It happens with age of the disc. It won't remain perfect forever.But there is a solution to all of this madness. Software for copying games will allow you to make multiple copies of your video games. You can then store these in a safe place for when your discs that you are using now stop working.I have found an amazing place to make copies of your video games, no matter the system. When I stumbled onto this site after looking for what felt like forever, I felt so relieved. This solution to scratches, breaking, and losses of discs will prevent you from losing money and will allow you to take full advantage of your game.Whether it's an Xbox 360, PS3, PC, Gamecube, PS2, Playstaion, Xbox, or Wii, your discs will break eventually. Its only a matter of time. So you need to get covered immediately.

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This amazing invention has evolved quite dramatically. It started as being a huge block of material pressing letters into a page and now it's a mind reader from across the room. How does it understand and interpret the image in cyber space?They used the design for a photocopier to create the printer. So instead of the image on the copier to come to the computer, the computer sends the image to the printer directly. It's interesting to know that the photocopier came first. Photocopiers would use electrostatic hardware to copy the image on the piece of paper. With that taking place, a bright light shines at the back continuously so quality isn't lost. The machine sprays incredibly tiny dots onto the page that can't be seen without some sort of magnifying glass. This is how to determine the DPI or dots per inch for the page. Modern day printers either use inkjet hardware, laser hardware or have wax-like ink that gets melted onto the page. The printer interprets the colours by using a specific colour sequence known as CMYK which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The colours get mixed inside a print head to get the correct colours for the print job. It gets cleaned often during a single print to avoid smudges on the page.For the printer to read what it has to print the file gets translated into a binary language breaking down the colour and the amount of pages to roll from the feeder. With the printer language it has just interpreted it sprays the miniature dots in a specific pattern. Printers don't come with white ink so where white space is visible the printer ignores.With regards to laser printers, a laser scans the inside of a drum that creates static electricity. Once the page is charged, the ink gets attracted to the page in the exact pattern from the computer screen. From there the powdered ink gets combined to create a quality image at a higher speed. Copiers and printers have come a long way in making human life easier. Whether it's in a normal office with many letters and documents to print or a design company, jobs get done much quicker. Typewriters may have been useful back in the day but a small mistake on the page could end up with the page being thrown away. These machines are definitely one of the best inventions.


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When you're shopping for copiers you'll often see a bunch of acronyms or terms that don't make any sense to you, the layman. That's what we industry insiders are for, to help translate these words and phrases into coherent thoughts. Below you'll find most introductory terms and acronyms explained to make your printer acquisition process simpler.In alphabetical order: ADF = Automatic document feeder. Every machine since the turn of the century has had one of these. There are variations of this term. See RADF and DHADF. Bypass Tray = an additional paper source that normally supplies envelopes, labels, or heavier paper. It can be used to supply any paper that you don't have readily available in your regular paper trays CPM = Copies per minute Developer = A finely ground metal material that adheres to the drum magnetically to transfer an image onto toner, which makes an image on your paper. DHADF = Dual head automatic document feeder. Sometimes called scan squared, this feeder has two scanners that scan both sides of an original in one pass without flipping it around Driver = A print driver is installed on your computer to communicate properly with your model of printer. Drum = The drum is an essential part of the copy process because it "receives" the image from the developer and transfers it onto the paper with toner Drum blade = The blade wipes the drum clean on each rotation. If you have an old drum blade you'll start to find lines on your prints. Duplex = 2-sided printing, copying, or scanning Finisher = An additional piece of hardware that enables the copier to staple and offset sort your printed documents Fuser = The hot section of the copier that fuses the toner off of the drum onto the paper. LCC = Large capacity cassette. This cassette will hold 3,000 or more sheets. It is an additional cost, hardware and adds to the footprint of the copier Ledger Paper = 11 x 17 is commonly referred to as ledger, although it's more often just called "11 x 17" Legal Paper = 8 ½ x 14 paper is commonly referred to as legal Letter Paper = 8 ½ x 11 paper is commonly referred to as letter MFC = Multifunction copier. Implies that it prints and scans along with copying. MFP = Multifunction printer. Most "copiers" nowadays are MFPs. PPM = pages per minute, a modern day variation of CPM since it implies more than just copies RADF = Reversing automatic document feeder. This feeder will automatically flip an original to make a two-sided copy. Saddle Stitch = Another form of finisher that will fold and staple documents like a booklet Sorter = Another term for finisher. It will offset sort your documents and some manufacturers have a stapling function. Toner = Toner is the "ink" of laser printers. It's a VERY fine powder that moves like a liquid, use caution when replacing your toner cartridge. Most toner cartridges nowadays have no open holes for toner to leak, but you should still be careful when handling one. I'm sure there are more on this list, but this should be enough to get you through the purchasing process.

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