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Our goal is to establish the highest customer satisfaction possible. We do this by offering a staff of courteous, qualified and experienced personnel to assist you with your entire commercial copier, laser printer, networking services needs.

It is our intention to become the commercial service and supply company with the highest rating possible in the customer satisfaction category. Coupled with friendly manufacturer certified service technicians experienced on all major brands of copiers, laser printers and fax machines, with a professional in house technical support department. We will go to great lengths to ensure that all of our customers enjoy the best possible experience with Minnesota Copiers.

We offer a wide variety of services and supplies with over 10,000 items guaranteed in stockwith same day shipping.

Minnesota Copiers. is a professional organization dedicated to helping find solutions to commercial office equipment needs with a view of increased productivity and profits for our most important assets, our customers.

SAMSUNG Printer Service & Repair Coon Rapids MN

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There are so many different new technologies on the market today and they are hard to choose from. Technology has changed the way we do business today; things are a lot faster and efficient. One of the main things an office needs is a copier and the copier can make a business run smoothly. The process of the copier has changed significantly. You might be wondering what copier would be best for your business and this would mean choosing between an analog copier and a digital copier. The analog copier is considered to be the older between the two but it is still considered to have good qualities. The digital copier also has strong characteristics and negative aspects.The older copier is considered to be the analog copier. The good thing about an analog copier is that they are reliable and reasonably priced. If you decide that you are more inclined to purchasing an analog copier you should consider the time it takes to warm up and the quality of the scanned or printed documents. The reason for considering the time is because in an office there are probably a large number of people that would like to utilize the copier and if the machine takes long this will cause frustration in the office and reduce productivity.A digital copier works differently. We are currently bordering the digital age and therefore it is only understandable that all analog technology has to be changed into digital technology. These are machines such as photo cameras, video cameras, etc. With all new technological systems there are always benefits but there are also negative aspects that need to be taken into consideration. There are in fact, great advantages of a digital printer. One of the most important is that many digital copiers are multi-functional. It's amazing how technology has evolved now with the digital copier documents can be sent to emails, fax machines or even text. This will reduce steps in the office to maximize productivity. It does take away from the effort and time to mail hard copies of a document to different physical sites. It will therefore increase productivity in the work place.The down side of digital technology is that it uses more power that analog copiers and it therefore produces more heat. Compared to an analog copier; the digital copier is a lot pricier. Regardless of whether you choose a digital or an analog copier you must always do some research on the specific product you are considering to purchase. There is always someone who has used the product before you have and there are usually blogs or reviews on the product, you should read them to get the perspective of the customer. It is important to listen to the sales representative but it is also good to get second opinions. You can also ask other companies what their experience was with the copier. Choosing the right copier is hard but if you know what you need you will eliminate the search.

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If you are looking for a great multipurpose laser printer for your own home or small business use, the HP Laserjet M1212NF is worth a closer look. This is a machine that is a black and white color laser printer and that also offers high speed scanning and fax capabilities all in one compact design. It uses the CE285A toner cartridge, an affordable HP toner cartridge that can easily be found in local stores as well as through websites that offer convenient shipping right to your door. With this laser printer priced under $200, along with the fact that it has an Energy Star rating and puts to use a high capacity cartridge for HP, this is a machine that is affordable to purchase and to use regularly, too. There is more to this device than a low cost of purchase and ownership, though. The machine can print and copy up to nineteen pages per minute for optimal speed that is perfect for a private residential use as well as a small business use. It doubles as a fax machine and has the ability to store up to 1,000 fax numbers. Plus, it can easily be hooked up to your PC with a built-in USB port or through the built-in Ethernet networking capabilities, too. It also has a compact size that makes it among the smaller multipurpose machines available in this price range. It is ideal for desktop use in a home office or in a small commercial office.The print supply of this M1212NF laserjet printer - CE285A laser toner cartridge is capable to print at 1,600 pages up to 5 percent yield per page. In addition, some non-OEM brands supply universal CE285A and CB435A toner cartridges with 2,1000 pages yields. These two models are two of the most popular cartridge models in the laser cartridge family of HP.Perhaps what is most important, however, is how it holds up in real-life use. The fact is that you can find this device for sale on many different websites, including some of the most common retail sites on the internet today. On these websites, consumers who have already purchased this multipurpose printer have largely given it a high consumer satisfaction rating, expressing pleasure in the speed of printing, copying and faxing as well as the high quality printing and more. The HP Laserjet M1212NF is a popular model for home and small business use because it has proven that it holds up to the promises its features make in real life use.

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To Discover how a Copier Rental can lower your overall cost, first you have to look at the big commitment when leasing a new inflated priced copier/printer, you may want to consider looking at for what most is a better option. Join a long list of happy customers, that have saved thousands by renting or even purchasing a refurbished pre-owned Copier. Whether you make 1,000 copies or 100,000 copies per month, a copier rental on a month to month adds very little risk to you with NO 3 to 5 year lease contract.You can configure a Digital Copier System with Automatic Feeder, Duplex,Staple Sorter and even a Fax, You can have it be a network printing and scanner, all at a single fixed low-cost service included rate. You may find the payment is the same or even lower than a lease payment. Look for company's that may offer variety of billing options to suit your business, providing flexibility in your accounting. Most Copy Machine Rental programs are all-inclusive. Witch means All TONER repair parts, service, and supplies are included with the Copier Rentals. Most importantly, your never "locked" into a copier. Your company may go through some changes in the next 2,3-5 years, so even upgrading or downgrading equipment should also be hassle free! In addition canceling and returning equipment without any early termination penalties is a great advantage over a LEASING CONTRACT.Most of the copier manufacture dealer's don't offer an in-house a rental program, but you'll find many that do. Google searching online for copier rentals is a good way to find and select the copier company that will offer a rental program. NOTE: Make sure to interview a few, as the terms may vary from company to company. (Get all the terms of the rental in writing)Review on Top Reasons to rent vs leasing 1. It's the copier company's problem: All service included, so they fix any problem. If it needs an expensive part they pay for it. also if equipment is causing to many issues they will replace the equipment (Try asking a leasing company if you want your copier replaced!).2. No long-term commitment. If you are unhappy with the service or the equipment at anytime cancel. If for any reason your company's needs change no problem, you can down grade or upgrade at any time down the road as you are not tied up to any long-term financial obligation. 3. 100% Tax deductible: (operating expenses vs. capital expenditure). There is no need to depreciate the copier. Simply write off all costs as a business expense.Tips to look out for when getting equipment installedAsk if any additional fee's apply for installation of equipment on your PC network? Most companies have their own IT personal (person that will connect and manage equipment to your Network).. In the event your company needs to out source this service, ask for referrals. determined once the IT guy See's what you are working with.

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