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Our goal is to establish the highest customer satisfaction possible. We do this by offering a staff of courteous, qualified and experienced personnel to assist you with your entire commercial copier, laser printer, networking services needs.

It is our intention to become the commercial service and supply company with the highest rating possible in the customer satisfaction category. Coupled with friendly manufacturer certified service technicians experienced on all major brands of copiers, laser printers and fax machines, with a professional in house technical support department. We will go to great lengths to ensure that all of our customers enjoy the best possible experience with Minnesota Copiers.

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Is copier sales a good industry?In a previous article I told you all of the wonderful reasons why you should consider a career as an account executive in the copier industry. By now you might be thinking that there are no disadvantages to a career in copier sales. But, you would be wrong. Allow me to play devil's advocate and provide you with the following caveats:1. There is not much social status afforded to a copier sales rep. You are ranked somewhere between a used car salesman and a telecommunications rep. Your friends won't think your job is cool. But, that's O.K. When they are still eating Top Ramen for dinner you can roll up in your brand new BMW and offer to take them to dinner and pick up the tab since you have achieved the financial stability that probably still eludes your friends three years after college graduation. 2. The job is hard. Really, really hard. But, not for the reasons you think. The combination of an awful lot of freedom coupled with the absolute necessity of a disciplined mindset can be a dangerous combination for most people. I knew a manager that used to say, "we give you just enough rope to hang yourself around here". This meant that no one is watching your every move, but, by the time it shows up in poor sales performance, you don't have enough time to improve the situation before the company is showing you the door.3. You must be able to survive on a meager base salary for at least six months to two years until your commissions start rolling in. Most base salaries in this industry are $20,000-$30,000 plus benefits.4. It could seriously take you two years to build a territory that rewards you with a copier sales salary of $60,000-$80,000 annually. This salary range assumes that you are really good at what you do and are at least at 100% of your annual sales quota. This leads us to our last point:5. The company might not give you two years to get it all together. Generally, after your first year in sales, if you are not at 100% of your annual sales quota your sales manager "will free you up to pursue other opportunities". In other words, "you're fired"! Make no mistake about it, your sales quota is not your goal, it is your minimal requirement. Actually, you are expected to exceed your annual sales quota. So, is copier sales a good industry? All in all, the copy equipment industry offers more advantages than disadvantages. If you consider yourself ambitious, energetic and in possession of superior people skills and exceptional communication abilities, this just might be the career for you.

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This amazing invention has evolved quite dramatically. It started as being a huge block of material pressing letters into a page and now it's a mind reader from across the room. How does it understand and interpret the image in cyber space?They used the design for a photocopier to create the printer. So instead of the image on the copier to come to the computer, the computer sends the image to the printer directly. It's interesting to know that the photocopier came first. Photocopiers would use electrostatic hardware to copy the image on the piece of paper. With that taking place, a bright light shines at the back continuously so quality isn't lost. The machine sprays incredibly tiny dots onto the page that can't be seen without some sort of magnifying glass. This is how to determine the DPI or dots per inch for the page. Modern day printers either use inkjet hardware, laser hardware or have wax-like ink that gets melted onto the page. The printer interprets the colours by using a specific colour sequence known as CMYK which stands for cyan, magenta, yellow and black. The colours get mixed inside a print head to get the correct colours for the print job. It gets cleaned often during a single print to avoid smudges on the page.For the printer to read what it has to print the file gets translated into a binary language breaking down the colour and the amount of pages to roll from the feeder. With the printer language it has just interpreted it sprays the miniature dots in a specific pattern. Printers don't come with white ink so where white space is visible the printer ignores.With regards to laser printers, a laser scans the inside of a drum that creates static electricity. Once the page is charged, the ink gets attracted to the page in the exact pattern from the computer screen. From there the powdered ink gets combined to create a quality image at a higher speed. Copiers and printers have come a long way in making human life easier. Whether it's in a normal office with many letters and documents to print or a design company, jobs get done much quicker. Typewriters may have been useful back in the day but a small mistake on the page could end up with the page being thrown away. These machines are definitely one of the best inventions.


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If you are looking for a great multipurpose laser printer for your own home or small business use, the HP Laserjet M1212NF is worth a closer look. This is a machine that is a black and white color laser printer and that also offers high speed scanning and fax capabilities all in one compact design. It uses the CE285A toner cartridge, an affordable HP toner cartridge that can easily be found in local stores as well as through websites that offer convenient shipping right to your door. With this laser printer priced under $200, along with the fact that it has an Energy Star rating and puts to use a high capacity cartridge for HP, this is a machine that is affordable to purchase and to use regularly, too. There is more to this device than a low cost of purchase and ownership, though. The machine can print and copy up to nineteen pages per minute for optimal speed that is perfect for a private residential use as well as a small business use. It doubles as a fax machine and has the ability to store up to 1,000 fax numbers. Plus, it can easily be hooked up to your PC with a built-in USB port or through the built-in Ethernet networking capabilities, too. It also has a compact size that makes it among the smaller multipurpose machines available in this price range. It is ideal for desktop use in a home office or in a small commercial office.The print supply of this M1212NF laserjet printer - CE285A laser toner cartridge is capable to print at 1,600 pages up to 5 percent yield per page. In addition, some non-OEM brands supply universal CE285A and CB435A toner cartridges with 2,1000 pages yields. These two models are two of the most popular cartridge models in the laser cartridge family of HP.Perhaps what is most important, however, is how it holds up in real-life use. The fact is that you can find this device for sale on many different websites, including some of the most common retail sites on the internet today. On these websites, consumers who have already purchased this multipurpose printer have largely given it a high consumer satisfaction rating, expressing pleasure in the speed of printing, copying and faxing as well as the high quality printing and more. The HP Laserjet M1212NF is a popular model for home and small business use because it has proven that it holds up to the promises its features make in real life use.

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